Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Singing with the Dapper Dans

Hey all! It's been years since I've been to either coast to my Disney home(s), and I normally write huge, detailed trip reports. Well, now my boys are grown, and Mrs. Wombat and I decided to take a short trip with just the two of us to Walt Disney World a couple of weeks ago -- sort of a second honeymoon, since it would be our first time back to Disney without kids or parents since our 1990 honeymoon.

As much as I enjoy writing and sharing trip reports, this time I wanted to just enjoy our time together there without taking my usual detailed notes. Sorry! But I will say we had a magical time, with some incredible surprises. This was my favorite moment, when the Dapper Dans invited me to sing with them! (They spotted the Vocal Majority shirt I was wearing -- which I may or may not have been wearing for just this reason -- and invited me up.)

I subbed in on baritone, while their baritone lent me his hat and videoed the experience. Enjoy!