Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Almost there...

December 25, 2007. It’s Christmas 2007, over a year since my last entry, and we leave for Walt Disney World in four days. As I read back over this "trip report" -- that so far has not included any trip, sorry -- I laugh that we were ever worried that we wouldn't find anything new!

In addition to all of the new attractions that have opened since our March '05 visit (including, just off the top of my head, Soarin'; Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor; Expedition Everest; Finding Nemo: the Musical; Lights, Motors, Action; The Seas with Nemo & Friends; as well as the renovations of Pirates; it's a small world; Haunted Mansion; and Spaceship Earth), all of the holiday decorations (including the spectacular new "ice" lights on Cinderella Castle), and the Year of Million Dreams, we've also booked a couple of extra "firsts" for ourselves. We'll be attending the Candlelighting Processional at Epcot on our first evening (with reserved seats after a meal at Chefs de France), and then we'll have pontoon boat all to ourselves for fireworks on New Year's Eve!

Oh, yeah, one other little detail. Disney Cruise Line called us a couple of weeks ago to see about shuffling us around. Long story short, we've been upgraded again. In fact, somehow we’ve been given the upgrade of all upgrades.

All six of us will now be staying in the Walt Disney Suite -- the most spacious, luxurious passenger space on the entire ship, with two bedrooms, a living room, dining room, study, 2-1/2 baths, whirlpool tubs, and 40 feet of veranda! At over 1,000 square feet, we’ll have 50% again more space on the Disney Wonder that we will in our two rooms at the Polynesian!

Yes, this makes two out of three Disney cruises where we’ve been upgraded to concierge-level suites. No, I don’t know how or why. It may be because we book early, or because I've been acquainted with a few people who work for Disney, but it's just as likely to be random, dumb luck (with a measure of pixie dust thrown in)! Either way I’m not complaining.

Nothing new this trip? Hah.

Okay, enough of this pre-trip blather. On to the report, complete with pictures!...